Discover Highnam Court

Highnam Court was built in 1658 for William Cooke after the original house was seriously damaged in the Civil War.

Following various owners, Thomas Gambier Parry, who was an accomplished artist, musician and art collector, bought the Highnam Estate in 1838. This talented painter is also responsible for the magnificent frescoes in Highnam Church. He started to layout his garden in 1840, and by 1874 it rivalled any in the UK. The gardens had been neglected restoration started in 1994.

During the last 25 years, since Roger Head has been the owner, the gardens have been totally and lovingly restored to their former glory, with many new additions being made to compliment and enhance the original design.

Through the Ages


The Guise Family


1838 – 1888

Thomas Gambier Parry


1896 – 1918

Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Gambier Parry


1936 – 1966

Thomas Mark Gambier Parry


1966 – 1977

Tom Fenton


1977 – 1994

Roger Smith


1994 – Present

Roger Head