Highnam Court Cricket Club – Playing in the early days

With thanks to Gavin Abbott, we have found reports on cricket in Highnam from the Stroud Journal dated July 17th, 1858. Highnam were playing Upton St. Leonards away. The return match was played at Highnam Court the following week. This is the report on Saturday July 24th 1858.

‘ A return match between the Highnam and Upton St. Leonards’ Clubs was played at Highnam Court, the seat of T. Gambier Parry, Esq., on Wednesday last, and the result will be ascertained by reference to the subjoined score. it is, however, but fair to state that the Highnam Club availed themselves of the extraneous aid of the brothers Browning, of Hardwick, to whom prowess, both in bowling and fielding, the victory must mainly be attributed.’

This indicates that the club was in existence very soon after the consecration of The Holy Innocents in 1851. It is likely that the pitch was established in the early 1850s to serve the Cricket Club and the new school that was built around that time. The club may well have been in existence before those dates.

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