The history of cider making in Gloucestershire 5th April ’24

Cider has been produced in Gloucestershire for centuries. Many farms would have their own cider house and some are still producing cider today. 

Many farms would have there own orchards and completely organic apples and pears, for cider making, can be traced back to many Gloucestershire villages, from Fossebridge to Ruardean. With just a fifth of the original orchards left in the county, many cider makers will only accept fruit from trees that have not been sprayed with harsh chemicals or pesticides.

There are many varieties of ciders from sweet and smooth perry is apparently comparable to prosecco, whilst the medium dry cider contains eighty percent cider apples and twenty percent cooking apples, and is typical of the West Country. 

Come and find out the full story of Gloucestershire cider making.

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