Astman’s Farm

Astman Farm was purchased by Godwin Smith’s grandparents in the 1930’s from the Merrett family. Merrett’s had purchased Astman’s from the Guise family in 1922. When first purchased Astman’s was only 36 acres. The current Astman’s farmhouse, built in the 17th century, would have been the original farmhouse for Lassington Court Farm. Following Merrett’s bankruptcy, Astman’s farm was sold in small parcels of land, some of which were purchased by Godwin’s grandfather. The additional acreage of 96 acres, made Lassington Court viable. As part of the original sale, the field called the Leg of Mutton and the field opposite Turner’s Close, called Little Lancarridge, were bought by AR Winnington Ingram and remain in their family today.

Godwin’s grandfather split the farm re-establishing Astman’s as a separate farm and Astman’s was passed onto Godwin’s father and Lassington Court onto his father’s brother. Godwin’s father farmed away and came back to Astman’s Farm in 1942. Godwin was born in 1936 and was six when he came to Astman’s Farm. Following Merrett’s bankruptcy Astmans Farm also bought the fields around Wetherley Drive. In addition Godwin and Jo rented Maidenhall Farm for some time before Bill sold it for development.

Astman’s Farm has developed over the years and now has increased acreage including some in Maisemore.


Lassington 1840 Field Names