Citizen 18.01.1980 – NEW OWNER FOR FAMOUS OAK TREE

Lassington wood at Highnam – home of the famous Lassington Oak – may go from the ownership of Gloucester District Council. At last night’s meeting of the leisure committee members considered giving the two to three acre wood to Tewkesbury Borough Council.

Mr. Freddie Fitzgerald, deputy chief executive officer, said the borough council was currently considering a landscaping and forestation project on land immediately adjoining. This was part of a housing development. Gloucester was paying for maintenance and care of the wood and its nature trails, while the principal benefit was received by those living nearest – in the Tewkesbury district, he said.

Proviso – If it were to go to Tewkesbury then a proviso could be laid down banning development on it.

Members agreed with Councillor Peter Robins that before anything was done the value of the land must be ascertained and also how much it cost to maintain it. The land was conveyed to the County Borough Council in 1921 by Sir Anselm Guise. His object was for the Lassington Oak to be preserved and accessible to citizens of Gloucester and others interested.

The oak was blown down and virtually destroyed in 1960 and all that remains is a decayed shell.

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