Highnam Court CC – Started in the early days of the Gambier Parrys

Highnam Court CC, in its current guise, was founded with the kind assistance of the late Mr Tom Fenton in 1976. However, cricket has been played at the delightful ground adjoining Holy Innocents’ Church for many years.

An early indication of cricket in Highnam dates from 1908, when a receipt for the repair of a roller suggests wicket reparation was taking place. Indeed, it is quite possible that this refers to one of the 2 ancient pieces of ironwork still to be found resting beyond the boundary. However, recent research suggests that cricket was being played in Highnam during the reign of Queen Victoria.

We then skip to the early 1950s, when a photo from the Citizen shows “The Highnam Cricket Club, with its picturesque ground next to the parish church”. The President is Mr John Terry; umpire, Mr Taylor; and captain George Amphlett. Many will recognise the surnames of a number of other players: Worsnip, Vick, Laken and Mogg.

Current player Roger Taylor (one of 3 regular septuagenarians) also played for the original Highnam CC until it was disbanded in 1962 as there were fewer young men in the village to keep it running.

For the rest of the article search Highnam Cricket and read the ‘full article’ or find it in the Highnam section of the Highnam Heritage website.

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