The Snow Warden

During a conversation with Jo Smith, she spoke about Godwin’s days as snow warden.

There was one winter, possibly 1968, when we were trapped in by snow and remember Godwin getting the bucket on the front of the tractor and ploughed up Lassington Lane. He then went on to go round the estate. In those days only part of it was built so it was a bit difficult because you had drain covers standing proud on unmade roads, covered in snow. Some people came out and gave him cups of tea and thanked him and others came out and said, “How dare you do this because it means that I’ve got to go to work now”. Clearly you never do the right thing!  That was before he became snow warden. 

He subsequently went on to become snow warden for the area. As the position became official a snow plough was provided by the council at Astman’s Farm. The plough fitted onto the front of a tractor.

The post that is still in existence and currently it is thought to be held by Robbie Keene.

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